Synergy Psychology Group

Synergy Psychology Group is a well-established, full time private practice in Glastonbury, Connecticut offering psychotherapy, psychological evaluation, consultation and workshops. The practice was established in 2009 and is rooted in exceptional clinical training and education, compassion and hard work. The group specializes in delivering individualized and creative approaches to understanding problems and their solutions.

Why Synergy?

The word “synergy” means joint work and cooperative action. Synergy is created when people work all together to create an outcome that would not be possible if each person worked in isolation.

To the therapists at Synergy Psychology Group, the word “synergy” is also a reminder that the best way to understand problems is to consider how all the parts of a person’s life, both external and internal, have come together at this particular point in time. Our day to day routines, significant events, our biology, past experiences, thoughts, feelings, values, etc. impact how we perceive our lives today and the decisions we make.

“Synergy” also represents the group’s approach to solving problems. There is an inherent value in working collaboratively with clients, their families, with one another, and other providers (schools, doctors, community agencies, etc.) to promote lasting change and a more satisfying life.

Meet Our Therapists